Your Well-Read Life

Your Well-Read Life

Your Well-Read Life


A June 2005 Book Sense Pick
"Not so much a book about what to read as it is full of wonderful advice on how to become a passionate reader. I thank Steve Leveen for telling wanna-be readers that it's perfectly okay to give up on a book if it doesn't grab you by page 50. Goodbye, reader's guilt! Hello, book love!" —Ken Favell, Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop, Brookfield, WI

"The gourmet fast food of reading." —The Christian Science Monitor

"A practical handbook...distilled into easy-to-digest prose." —The New York Times Book Review

"With more and more books, but no more time in the day or year, what's a poor bibliophile to do? Leveen proposes a strategy for falling, and staying, in 'book love.' There's no daunting recommended reading in Leveen's Little Guide." —The Boston Globe

"Just the inspiration you need to get back into the reading game." —Creative Loafing

"The book held my attention from beginning to end. Book lovers will appreciate and enjoy reading this one."—

"Steve Leveen's advice for getting the most out of the universe of books is both ingenious and highly promising. But it is his own erudition and intellectual curiosity—and his obvious passion for books of all sorts—that most inspires me to reach for the bookshelf. The Little Guide will be a worthy addition to even the most well-stocked personal library." —Ross King, author of Brunelleschi's Dome and Michelangelo the Pope's Ceiling

"Just what the book lover needs to put his or her reading house in order. Take Steve Leveen's advice to heart and you will find the time to read books that move, illuminate, educate and enchant."
Sally Reed, Executive Director, Friends of Libraries USA

"Here's a little guide filled to the brim with love for books and reading, and the message that we can all find time to indulge that love and discover how to get more out of whatever we choose to read." 
Nancy Pearl, author of the bestselling Book Lust: Recommended Books for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason and its companion, More Book Lust

"Steve Leveen's Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life is a much-needed reminder of how profoundly books can affect our lives. They nourish our souls, enable us to see the world from new perspectives, and remind us of our common humanity. And, as Steve mentions at the end of his book, they are important if for no other reason than they offer us pure enjoyment. Steve's Little Guide is an impassioned and illuminating tribute to books—and most of all, simply a joy to read."
—Andrew Carroll, author of the New York Times bestsellers Letters of a Nation and War Letters, and executive director of the American Poetry & Literacy Project

"Steve Leveenís readable, quotable and anecdote-spiced book opened my eyes to new pleasures in reading."
—Irving R. Levine, Commentator, "Nightly Business Report" and former Chief Economics Correspondent, NBC News

"WARNING: This affectionate little book contains a virus that disturbed a sleeping giant inside of me—the need to read again. This is a fabulous start-up guide for (re)discovering the infinite world of intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual adventures! Steve's charming self-disclosing enthusiasm for the pursuit of reflection and his practical tips about how to break out of book envy make me believe that I, too, can curl up with a good one again." 
—David Allen, author of  Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity and Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life

"Steve Leveen strips the bark off every excuse we have for not finding the time to read.This is a great message and superbly practical. Every executive in America should read this book."
—George D. Ittner, President, The Territory Ahead, Inc.

"Until now, Iíve never read a wise yet practical love story—but thatís what The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life really is."
—Bob Schmuhl, Professor of American Studies, University of Notre Dame

"It is one of those books that you can read in a day as well as over the course of a lifetime."
—David B.L. Gould, Department Chair, Saint Andrew's School

"As I get older, my thirst to read is becoming more addictive. After experiencing this book, I now know I am not alone and most definitely have found a valuable secret for life."
—Bryan Koop, Senior Vice-President and Regional Manager, Boston Properties

"Perfect for all of us who can never get enough time with good books. It not only urges us to indulge deeply and often, it shows us how."
—Myra Hart, Professor, Harvard Business School

"Readers and want-to-be readers will be encouraged by the advice to read more, more widely, and more systematically. And, as those readers gain confidence, they may read more adventurously. One can only be delighted that such a book is being published."   
—Michael Keller, University Librarian, Stanford University

"A must-read for people who want to get more bang out of their reading bucks."
—Fran Wilson, Colorado State University Bookstore

"An ideal gift for both sporadic and relentless readers."   
—James Mustich Jr., publisher of A Common Reader